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About floStereoImg

floStereoImg is a PHP class I completed in 2011. This class can generate stereo images (3D) from eye view images. It takes two images that represent the left and right views of a scene and it generates a single anaglyph image in various color schemes including the red/cyan that can be viewed with 3D glasses. It can also class can also read cross-view stereoscopic images from a single image file. The class can swap eye view images if necessary. It can also perform offset correction and crop the edges on which the images do not overlap, and use custom channel maps. The generated images can be returned as GD image resources or can be saved to files in JPEG or PNG formats.

Below is a live demo. None of the functionality under the "Input Image" is provided by floStereoImg as that class is designed to function having been inputted a standard crosseye 3d image or 2 seperate eye images. Some of it is provided by Simon Jarvis's SimpleImage class, and some by László Zsidi's GIFDecoder class along with built-in PHP and GD functionality. All of the output functionality, however is directly provided by my floStereoImg class.

floStereoImg Demo

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